‘The pandemic helped us to get much faster into the digital world’

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While the pandemic pushed the air cargo sector promptly onto the digital route, the industry is still coping with its first target of reaching 100% ‘ONE Record’ implementation by January 2026.

What is at stake here, how has digitlisation smoothened cargo operations on ground, how did e-commerce hasten the traceability component in cargo workflows and how simple changes like moving to lightweight containers can make all the difference when it comes to meeting sustainability goals - this is an interview packed with insights.

Dr Jan Wilhelm Breithaupt, VP, Global Fulfillment Management, Lufthansa Cargo gave a bird’s eye view to some of the fundamental changes taking place in the air cargo sector in an exclusive interview with Lakshmi Ajay, Associate Editor of STAT Media as part of ‘CONVERSATIONS’ - an exclusive interview series from the recently concluded World Cargo Symposium hosted by IATA in Istanbul in April 2023.

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