Steven Polmans to leave Brussels Airport by the end of this year

Steven Polmans, Director Cargo & Logistics Brussels Airport Company has decided to leave the current role by the end of this year for something more interesting.

Steven Polmans to leave Brussels Airport by the end of this year

Steven Polmans, Director Cargo and Logistics at Brussels Airport Company, has decided to leave the current role at the company by the end of this year.

“Steven Polmans, Director Cargo & Logistics, has taken the decision to give a new direction to his career outside Brussels Airport at the end of 2020. Steven has been working for Brussels Airport since 2010 and over the past 10 years has made the cargo business at the airport and BRUcargo as one of the most innovative, modern and best performing in Europe,” said Brussels Airport Company in an official statement to The STAT Trade Times.

“Steven will continue to manage the Brussels Airport cargo department until December this year, but has no concrete professional plans yet for what will follow. The follow-up of Steven will be communicated once relevant,” the statement further added.

Polmans also confirmed this to The STAT Trade Times. Watch this space and we will bring you more details on his future plans in the coming days.

Steven Polmans also plays a key role in the development of the air cargo community in Brussels. Polmans with the Air Cargo Belgium members

Polmans was elevated to the current role in April 2019 with the full commercial and operational responsibilities for everything related to cargo at the Brussels Airport. He joined Brussels Airport as the marketing manager for cargo in 2010 and in 2012 he was promoted to become the head of cargo at the airport.

At the Brussels Airport, in the current and in the previous roles Polmans led a dedicated team of people to develop the cargo strategy, product development and growth of the logistics ecosystem around the airport with different stakeholders.

Polmans, known for his extraordinary networking skills, has managed to pioneer the cargo community programmes to ride on the strength of the community by bringing individual stakeholders in the air cargo logistics value chain in Brussels. He continues to be the chairman of Air Cargo Belgium, a strong industry group that has members from all sectors of the air cargo value chain who are connected to the Brussels Airport.

Polmans and Brussels Airport have also been early adopters of a very robust digital transformation strategy for cargo development at the airport. He led the development of BRUCloud, an open data sharing platform that enables the different stakeholders to work more “integrated” and act as a network. Over the years, the model has been looked at, evaluated and followed by other airports.

On the product development side, Polmans also worked hard to position Brussels Airport as a key gateway airport for outbound and inbound temperature controlled pharma shipments. This has also led Brussels Airport cargo division, under his leadership, to develop a collaborative and community pharma initiative called Pharma.Aero.

Polmans is also the chairman of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA). As part of the transformation process he has been leading the TIACA board to roll out a number of changes to make TIACA a true industry organisation second to none.

Recently Polmans spoke with The STAT Trade Times about his vision for TIACA, cargo industry and for Brussels Airport in an exclusive interview.

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