Port of Belize selects Octopi to modernise terminal operations

Mar 13, 2020: The Port of Belize has inked a deal with Octopi, part of Navis and Cargotec Corporation, to modernise its operations and bring the terminal up to international standards.

Located in Belize City, the Port of Belize currently operates at 45,000 TEU annually. To leverage on maximizing efficiency and streamlining business processes to improve customer experience, the port is looking forward to Octopi’s TOS, which is a cloud-based platform, to act as a hub for its operational and transactional activities and also capture and collate its operational data. It would also offer functionality, visibility and ease of use for the port’s operations. 

“The Port of Belize has been growing and evolving rapidly over the last several years and we have been working to identify the best tools for continuing the terminal’s development,” said Arturo Vasquez, CEO at Port of Belize. “Octopi’s centralized platform will help integrate our operations and provide a single source of truth for the entire terminal, helping us make smarter business decisions faster than ever before.”

“We are excited to partner with Port of Belize as they enter a new phase of its terminal operations. The port’s achievements thus far are quite impressive, and our team is thrilled to help support the port’s continued success,” said Martin Bardi, VP Global Sales, Octopi. “Empowering terminals like the Port of Belize to reach their full business potential is central to our mission, and we look forward to helping them do just that.”