Zero-waste to landfills by 2027 - low-tech solutions with BIG impact. LATAM Cargo shows the path

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LATAM Cargo commits to climate change, circular economy and shared value. As part of this initiative the cargo airline wants to be carbon neutral by 2050 and offset 50% of domestic air emissions by 2030. It aims to be zero-waste to landfills by 2027 by migrating from a lineal to circular economy model and it is already on its path to eliminate single-use plastics by 2023. The organisation has successfully implemented three initiatives to reduce plastic waste and the annual reduction of plastic is about 85 tonnes.

Daniela Vial, Director of Product Development at LATAM Cargos speaks to Reji John, Editor of STAT Media Group, about the origin of this initiative and how such small steps are so critical to meet sustainability goals.

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