“After second, third quarter, you will see yields going north”

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Typically a lion's share of investments in an air cargo organization go to the operational side, yet because of the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, airlines in recent years are shifting their focus towards the adoption of digitalisation and automation.

While airlines still spend 80-90% on operations but around 10% of investments are going towards decision support systems that aid in revenue planning, pricing, budgeting, scheduling, improving margins, risk mitigation and meeting sustainability goals.

As the space for digitalization-led growth widens its scope in the air cargo sector, Mukundh Parthasarathy, SVP of Revenue Technology Services weighs in on some of the fundamental shifts seen in the business and what the future holds for the company.

7HhNNfrHgM4The discussions were part of an interview Mukundh Parthasarathy did with Lakshmi Ajay, Associate Editor of STAT Media as part of ‘Conversations’ - an exclusive interview series from the recently concluded World Cargo Symposium hosted by IATA in Istanbul in April 2023.

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