CSafe to launch three products for meeting cold chain customer needs

CSafe will launch new technologies at the upcoming LogiPharma 2024 event

CSafe to launch three products for meeting cold chain customer needs
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CSafe, a leading active and passive temperature-controlled shipping solutions provider for the biopharmaceutical industry, will launch three new technologies at the international LogiPharma 2024 event, which takes place April 16-18 in Lyon, France.

The products build upon CSafe's comprehensive, data-leveraged portfolio of solutions, integrating real-time data tracking to ensure maximum visibility and confidence throughout the shipping journey, says an official release.

"2024 marks a bold year of innovation for CSafe—we're redefining the landscape of cold chain logistics," says Patrick Schafer, CEO, CSafe. "We're constantly listening to our customers, and that ensures we're able to meet their current needs and anticipate and address their future challenges."

CSafe's Multi-Use Dewars, the first in the CGT Cryo Series, are designed to serve the quickly growing cell and gene therapy market, the release added. "These cryogenic, reusable dewars maintain the coldest temperature range of any dewar available on the market, -150°C or colder. This cutting-edge technology uses liquid nitrogen dry vapour units and includes a built-in TracSafe RLT real-time data tracking device.

"CSafe Connect Control Tower, the company's new white-glove shipment monitoring service, provides customers with ultimate visibility into real-time shipping data such as GPS location, cargo temperature and more. The company's dedicated service team monitors shipments 24/7/365 to identify and escalate potential temperature deviations or issues to the appropriate stakeholders. The service also includes shipment creation and preconditioning, as well as reporting upon shipment delivery."

Silverpod MAX RE is CSafe's newest reusable shipping solution, designed to help customers meet their sustainability targets, the release added. "An evolution of CSafe's flagship Silverpod technology, the Silverpod MAX RE is a highly durable pallet shipper made entirely of reusable components. It uses high-performing, recyclable PCM coolants to enable safe storage before and during shipping and provides 120+ hours of qualified thermal protection. An integrated real-time tracking device offers customers the ultimate in shipment visibility."

Tom Weir, COO and CTO, CSafe adds: "We're paving the way for solutions that set high standards in the industry and, above all, elevate the customer experience. These new products signal that we're innovating for what's next."

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