Having established time:matters America, Inc., the company has now expanded its Sameday Air service. Effective immediately, the company is offering its customers a total of 89 stations for the nationwide domestic transport of time-critical shipments to all major economic centers in the US.

For this, the company relies on Sameday Air network with more than 20 airlines across 130 stations, of which there are currently more than 100 in Europe and Israel and ten in Asia. The crucial advantage for time:matters customers is that consignments can be picked up directly from the shipper and delivered in person to the recipient upon request.
time:matters promises the fastest possible transports through the nationwide network with more than 45,000 flights per week and its cooperation with three of the leading US airlines – American Airlines®, Southwest Airlines® and United Airlines®. Both logistical emergencies and regular time-critical business are covered. Through highly efficient processes as well as short handling and transit times of 45 minutes and upwards, urgent goods shipments weighing up to 200 lbs (90 kg) reach their destination within a matter of hours and are therefore ready for pick-up or onward carriage shortly thereafter.
The company guarantees its high degree of reliability in a number of ways, including higher loading priority compared with conventional express freight and real-time shipment tracking with proactive status updates. Shipments can be booked online, among other options. For customers in the US, Canada, Mexico and Central and South America, an experienced team of multilingual logistics experts is available in the US Customer Service center in Miami to provide consulting, issue air waybills and take care of invoicing. This team looks after all steps along the entire transport chain.
 “By adding 89 stations to our unique Sameday Air network, we have now connected all major economic centers across mainland USA,” commented Lars Krosch, COO of time:matters. “The high number of frequencies and the cooperation with leading US carriers enables us to transport shipments in the fastest possible way while maintaining our usual standards of flexibility and reliability.”
Lars Krosch went on to say that the expansion in the US market was an important element in the company’s internationalization strategy. Through its local team offering customized transport solutions, the company is best positioned to meet the needs and requirements of both its American and international customer base. With the US domestic Sameday Air network and the unique in-person pick-up and delivery options, time:matters is significantly extending the range of services available to its customers.
Industry customers from the automotive, high-tech and semicon, aviation and aerospace, machinery and components, medtech, life and health, and logistics sectors will especially benefit from the expansion of the Sameday Air network, which will allow them to optimize deliveries and avoid expensive supply chain disruptions. Standardized and stable prices for the entire transport solution complete the service, making this an affordable and reliable alternative to an accompanied transport by an On Board Courier (OBC).