Staying positive despite all odds is my dad’s secret to success: Priyo Patra

At a time when trade publications for the air cargo sector barely existed, RK Patra of STAT Media Group did all it takes to launch his first magazine for the industry - The STAT Trade Times. From humble beginnings to a media czar now, RK Patra of STAT Media Group did all it takes to scale his business from media publications to the most talked about global air cargo trade events, and become an epitome of success. 

This Father’s Day, Priyo Patra, who currently helms the company along with his father RK Patra, retells his father’s rags-to-riches story and reveals what’s the trick that makes the father-son duo tick.

How did your father bring the company together and made it what it is today. What drove him, and what qualities do you think helped him get here?

My father started STAT Times publication in 1986 from a very humble background. Times were tough – we starting the company from the same flat we used live in. I was just a year old at that time.??I think the qualities that made him succeed against all odds are that he is extremely positive and content. His uncanny ability to stay calm and not take stress even in the toughest situations is his biggest strengths. He always sees the positive side of things - he is one of those who always sees the glass half full.

What are some of the qualities, picked from your dad that really helps you in making better decisions or handling tough situations?

His ability to stay positive and never give up against all odds has helped me sail through many tough situations. It is proving extremely useful in the current situation when times are tough where we all need to stay positive and motivated to steer through the challenging times. I also admire his ability of him connecting with anyone immaterial of their background.

He genuinely likes meeting people and is great at connecting with complete strangers. I feel this is one the most important traits that I got from him.  Both of us genuinely like meeting people and that is probably one of the reasons our events have become successful. For us, the business comes secondary; it is the experience that drives it all.

Tell us about an occasion when you and your father worked together and delivered on a project. An occasion that has stayed with you?

I think the most memorable one has been where we both worked together on the first-ever Air Cargo India in 2006. He had his faith in me (I was then a 20-year-old) to execute the project and always staying supportive and motivating me. This was a project that was a make-or-break for us - we had taken a mortgage and if we would have failed then we would have almost lost everything we had. But he believed in me despite just being a fresher right out of college, to bet everything we had at that time to make Air Cargo India successful.

Since R K Patra and you are successfully leading our company, what do you have to say to the younger generation?

I would say that it’s not the easiest to work with your father all the time, but the amount of experience and knowledge that he brings to the table, helps me go a long way. The most important part is trust. I see my father trusting me wholeheartedly - this positive motivation helps me fight all my self-doubts.