SEKO Logistics partners with Bringg to enhance their consumer's delivery experience

Utilising the Bringg platform, SEKO clients receive an SMS link to a self-service web app which enables them to track their deliveries in real time on a live map for full visibility.

SEKO Logistics partners with Bringg to enhance their consumers delivery experience

Bringg, the delivery and fulfillment orchestration platform provider, and SEKO Logistics are scaling up and optimising the delivery experience for their digital consumers by offering control and visibility of one of the few remaining offline touch points in a consumer’s purchasing process. In today’s competitive market, a positive delivery experience is considered to be the most crucial competitive advantage for companies. While highlighting that 77 per cent of consumers want their purchases delivered right to their doorsteps, the latest Accenture Holiday Shopping Survey says 56 per cent wouldn't buy from a store again if they were unsatisfied with their delivery experience.

Utilising the Bringg platform, SEKO clients receive an SMS link to a self-service web app (no download required) which enables them to track their deliveries in real time on a live map for full visibility into the status and location of their order, similar to tracking maps available on ride hailing apps. It also allows them to communicate directly with the driver or support centre to notify them of any specific requests or ask questions about a delivery. They can receive dynamic, personalised alerts regarding the status of their order, provide the necessary payment options and tips and rate the delivery experience and provide feedback.

Bringg will also enable SEKO to track, manage and optimise the facilitation of internal and contracted delivery fleets in real time, while the platform’s intuitive Driver App enables dynamic delivery flows and mobile inventory management. By optimising planned and on-demand orders concurrently, the logistics company has the ability to sequence every route to meet each delivery’s timing and service requirements, while improving drop density rates. Bringg also provides the capability to maximise vehicle capacity with 3D load planning and, during deliveries, keeps drivers and dispatchers on-task with real time alerts as exceptions occur.

By synchronising data across SEKO’s TMS, WMS, CRM and Commerce platforms, the platform uses machine learning to model delivery flows. The solution accurately predicts timing for every stage of the pickup or delivery with real time tracking across the first, middle and last mile, recording those KPIs that matter most to clients.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Bringg because it is a proven delivery and fulfillment orchestration platform that fits soundly with our commitment to a frictionless delivery experience. It gives us the data intelligence and real time planning tools to solidify the future of our business, as well as provide us with the agility to adapt to today’s evolving market needs. To us, it’s a win/win. It is going to drive valuable productivity gains at a time of growth and our clients are going to love the visibility and control experience it gives them,” said Brian Bourke, chief growth officer at SEKO Logistics.

“Bringg’s orchestration solution is the perfect fit for SEKO to achieve better decision making, efficiency and visibility during the delivery cycle,” said Guy Bloch, CEO of Bringg. He added, “We help automate, orchestrate, manage, and measure end-to-end delivery operations that help ensure that the consumers’ demand for a seamless delivery during a convenient time window are met. We are excited to work with SEKO to activate their delivery strategy efficiently and at scale.”

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