Leschaco completes CTPAT validation

Leschaco Inc. maintains its customs trade partnership against terrorism (CTPAT) membership as a forwarder/consolidator and broker. The audit took place in Houston and was conducted by US customs and border protection (CBP).

After reviewing the validation report, it was determined that Leschaco, Inc. has established effective security practices in its operations and is committed to working with business partners to eliminate any security vulnerabilities in the supply chain. The current security criteria for eligibility to participate in the program are therefore fully met.

“We are very proud of the results of the validation and of being a member of this important partnership. We would like to thank our compliance team, which played a key role in this important audit.” said Mark Malambri, managing director at Leschaco

“As a global logistics service provider, we see it as our duty to comply with international security guidelines to protect our customers and their supply chains against risks and peril”, said Jörg Conrad, owner and CEO of the Leschaco Group.