LATAM delivered 11.8 million masks on a single flight to São Paulo

LATAM transported largest amount of surgical masks since the operation with the Ministry of Infrastructure to bring supplies to fight Covid-19 began. The LATAM aircraft transported 11.8 million masks, a record compared to another one of the company’s flights, which arrived in Brazil on June 2 with 9.2 million masks.

This flight is number 35 out of over 40 flights arranged by the Federal Government to carry supplies from China. Since May 6, the country has already received 220 million surgical and N95 masks out of a total of 240 million units acquired by the Ministry of Health.

“At the beginning of the crisis, we took on a huge logistical challenge in order to assist the Ministry of Health, districts and states in providing all of Brazil’s regions with PPE. It is a silent victory for the Federal Government that is collaborating so that the necessary conditions to face the pandemic are met,” stated the Infrastructure Minister, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas.

LATAM Cargo Brazil’s director, Diogo Elias stated “Our teams are becoming specialists in boarding these types of cargo, a completely unprecedented situation in Brazil up until the beginning of the pandemic. The cargo transported as part of this mission is so important that it motivates us to do our best and break our own operational records.”