LATAM completes delivery of 160 tonnes of medical supplies to Rio

LATAM Airlines Brazil ends its partnership with Rio de Janeiro and JBS with its sixth and final flight to Galeão.

This final flight carried 69 monitors, 69 anesthesia devices and approximately one million PPE (caps and N-95 masks). These supplies were acquired by the city of Rio de Janeiro in order to fight Covid-19.

The flight completed the transportation of 160 tonnes of supplies acquired by the City Hall. These goods are already being used by the city’s medical centres in order to fight Covid-19.
Flight JJ 9559 landed in Galeão this Wednesday (July 1) from Canton, China, after a stopover in Amsterdam. In total, the round trip took four days. The flight was carried out in a Boeing 777 passenger aircraft adapted for cargo transportation in its cabin and belly to maximise cargo capacity.

“With today’s flight, we have successfully completed the transportation of 160 tons of supplies to Rio de Janeiro. Contributing to the city by transporting essential goods from China and allowing them to protect their citizens during this unprecedented global health crisis makes us very proud,” stated Diogo Elias, LATAM Cargo Brazil’s director.

The operation’s fifth flight also came to an end recently, arriving in Galeão last Saturday after traveling on the same itinerary as the other flights.