Cargo volumes on full freighters grow 50% at Brussels Airport in April, May

Brussels Airport reported an increase of 60 percent freighter flights in April, excluding integrator operations, and even up to double of the flights in May compared to last year, according to data from  BRUcloud, the open data sharing platform at BRUcargo. As passenger demand plummeted because of Covid-19, various airlines around the world started using passenger aircraft as freighter aircraft. Brussels Airport has welcomed over 200 passenger freighter flights from more than 20 different airlines.

The volumes transported on full freighter flights, excluding integrator flights, increased by 50 percent in April and May compared to last year. Asia reported the highest levels of both import and export volumes.

The increased capacity together with the launch of new airlines reshuffled the overall top 5 of import origins. The top import origins include Chengdu, Shanghai and Nanjing while Shanghai reported the biggest increase of exported volumes.