Bolloré Logistics launches a digital solution for B2B e-commerce

Bolloré Logistics has developed a platform for digitalising B2B orders. The aim of the platform, called Shopper, is to support brands in their strategies on improving the customer journey and their internal processes.

Shopper has three key features: a catalogue of articles dedicated to each customer including characteristics and availability; a module for approving orders that enables brands to manage purchase from these points of sale; and a functionality for generating transport orders via a connection with Bolloré Logistics’ tracking platform — Link.

The platform, currently implemented with two major customers in the luxury and travel retail sectors in Europe and Asia, addresses all brands looking to digitalise their processes with a view to the enhanced management of their sales activities.

The solution can be combined with a range of logistics services including storage at Bolloré Logistics hubs and goods transport from supply sites through to points of sale. Several usages can be targeted in line with the needs expressed by the customers, such as flash sales, promotional sales and staff sales. It also stands as an off-the-shelf ‘marketplace’ solution for distributors seeking to digitalise relations with their suppliers as well as their customers.