Adobe, FedEx collaborate to drive ecommerce innovation

Adobe and FedEx have announced a new, multi-year collaboration starting with the integration of ShopRunner with Adobe Commerce.

Adobe, FedEx collaborate to drive ecommerce innovation

Adobe and FedEx have announced a new, multi-year collaboration starting with the integration of ShopRunner, a leading ecommerce platform and subsidiary of FedEx Services, with Adobe Commerce. In a year when online shopping in the US grew 42 percent according to the recent Adobe Digital Economy Index, ecommerce became a make-or-break capability for every company regardless of size or industry.

Brands and merchants can better tackle the strong increase in package volume by offering free two-day shipping and seamless checkout and returns. The integration will give Adobe merchants access to FedEx post-purchase logistics intelligence, which will help them drive demand, reduce cost and gain customer insights.

“We’re proud to partner with FedEx to unlock a new era of ecommerce experiences built on innovation, speed and convenience that enable our joint customers to compete and win in the digital-first economy,” said Shantanu Narayen, chairman, president and chief executive officer at Adobe.

“The opportunity to partner with Adobe is another step forward in the FedEx journey to create an open, collaborative ecommerce ecosystem that will help brands and merchants deliver seamless experiences for their customers,” said Raj Subramaniam, president and chief operating officer at FedEx. “With Adobe’s leadership in customer experiences, the ShopRunner platform and our digital and logistics intelligence, we can increase the competitiveness of brands and merchants and create new possibilities in ecommerce.”

The economy has fundamentally changed in light of Covid-19, moving from a world with digital to a digital economy. During this time, ecommerce has played a vital role by enabling brands and merchants to sustain their businesses and continue serving consumers. The latest Adobe Digital Economy Index shows that 2022 is expected to be the first trillion-dollar year for ecommerce in the US as more consumers flock online to meet their daily shopping needs. Adobe’s collaboration with FedEx and ShopRunner will help brands and merchants better manage their shipping and logistics and allow them to offer a great last-mile delivery experience as a way to retain customers and build loyalty. Brands and merchants shipping with FedEx will also benefit from FedEx post-purchase logistics intelligence to help create a more efficient and reliable experience for brands, merchants and their customers.

Two-day shipping: Brands and merchants will have the option to enable and promote free two-day shipping to their consumers.

Easy returns: Brands and merchants can provide shoppers with a free and easy return process backed by FedEx with services like label-less returns, access to return-packaging at FedEx locations, easy drop-off and more.

Increased loyalty and customer lifetime value: With millions of shoppers actively purchasing through ShopRunner’s platform, Adobe merchants will have access to a pool of loyal consumers.

Seamless checkout: Through ShopRunner, consumers will be able to store their payment, billing and shipping information to complete purchases with ease.

“As an increasing share of all commerce shifts to online channels, brands of all sizes are facing competitive pressure to deliver engaging, relevant, and frictionless commerce experiences to their customers. What’s more, customers have ever-increasing expectations when interacting with brands,” said Jordan Jewell, research manager, digital commerce and enterprise applications at IDC. “Adobe Commerce is well-suited for growing brands to differentiate on experience. The latest partnership with FedEx should assist merchants to better meet, and exceed, these lofty customer expectations by enabling more frictionless commerce.”

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