There is an opportunity for India to have cargo carrier with wide-body freighter fleet

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India’s aviation sector is the fastest growing one in the world today and it ranks third below the US and China. But for a country of 1.4 billion people and a rapidly growing destination for global manufacturing, how big should India’s air cargo sector be? As of today it is too small in comparison to other major economies in the top 10 ranking. But given the context and the momentum Indian aviation sector has today, the opportunities are huge despite several headwinds.

According to a latest report, released recently by Trade and Transport Group, despite India’s air cargo market being only one fifth the size of the Chinese market India’s air cargo market has been extremely dynamic in the last few years and the growth trajectory of the Indian economy bodes well for air cargo services.

In this interview Frederic Horst, Managing Director, Trade and Transport Group, talks to Reji John, Editor of STAT Media Group and shares the key findings of the report and what the potential for India's air cargo sector.

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