DHL Express, Mytheresa partner for SAF

GoGreen Plus to cut Mytheresa's international shipping emissions by 27,000+ tonnes in 5 years

DHL Express,  Mytheresa partner for SAF
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DHL Express has signed a five-year partnership with Mytheresa, a luxury e-commerce platform, for its GoGreen Plus service.

The deal enables CO2e emissions to be reduced through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) instead of conventional jet fuel, and Mytheresa will invest several million euros in GoGreen Plus over a period of five years, says an official release from DHL.

This is the largest investment to date for the GoGreen Plus service by a DHL Express customer in Europe. It is estimated that the investment in GoGreen Plus will enable Mytheresa to reduce CO2e emissions associated with its international shipments by more than 27,000 tonnes over five years, the release added.

"This makes Mytheresa the first and largest e-commerce platform based in Germany to invest in SAF, and to invest an impressive figure to make international express deliveries more sustainable,” says John Pearson, chief executive officer, DHL Express. “We hope this agreement will inspire others to take action and support the transition to low-emission transport services via SAF."

Mustafa Tonguç, Managing Director, DHL Express, Germany, adds: "The partnership between Mytheresa and DHL Express in Germany has existed since 2006. Since then, we have worked closely together to continuously develop our service for the benefit of Mytheresa's customers."

GoGreen Plus was launched by DHL Express last year and uses CO2-insetting and SAF to enable customers to reduce CO2e emissions associated with their freight. GoGreen Plus is made possible in part by three of the largest SAF contracts with bp, Neste and World Energy.

GoGreen Plus is part of DHL Group's goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. With around 90 percent of the company's carbon footprint coming from its air network, sustainable air transportation solutions are important for creating greener logistics operations, the release added.

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