Bernhard zur Strassen to be Managing Director of time:matters

Bernhard zur Strassen succeeds Alexander Kohnen who left time:matters in April 2023

Bernhard zur Strassen to be Managing Director of time:matters
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Bernhard zur Strassen will take over as Managing Director and CEO of time:matters w.e.f November 1, 2023.

He will succeed Alexander Kohnen who left the company of his own accord in April 2023, says an official release.

"Zur Strassen has extensive experience in international management for logistics service providers and shippers. Most recently, he held the position of Chief Revenue Officer at Shipsta S.à.r.l., a software company."

Frank Bauer, Chief Financial Officer and Labour Director, Lufthansa Cargo says: "We are delighted to have Bernhard zur Strassen on board as the new CEO of time:matters GmbH. He has extensive and long-standing expertise in the field of logistics, making him optimally qualified to further establish time:matters as a company for time-critical emergency and highly flexible transport solutions."

Bernhard zur Strassen began his logistics career at Lufthansa Cargo where he authored his thesis for his business studies, the release added. "He then held several international positions at Kühne+Nagel in Switzerland, England and Luxembourg. Zur Strassen subsequently oversaw the global transportation network and later managed the logistics and supply chain for a worldwide automotive industry supplier." At time:matters, he will drive international growth with customers, digitalisation and sustainability.

Lars Krosch, Chief Operating Officer, time:matters says: "I am very pleased to have Bernhard zur Strassen as an experienced industry expert at my side and to be able to continue the successful development of time:matters."

Since its founding in 2002, time:matters, which was fully acquired by Lufthansa Cargo in August 2016, has established itself as a global provider of time-critical emergency transport and supply chain solutions.

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