‘We need to find ways to speak to each other with data’

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How can the industry use data to talk to each other? Which technologies are likely to play a bigger part in the cargo business in the future? Is ChatGPT useful for the cargo business? How are robots deployed in cargo processes? What are some ways in which e-commerce changed the industry?

Having spent a decade in the company, Osmannuri USTABAS, Manager, Cargo Business Development & Innovation at Turkish Airlines is someone who has implemented and been privy to several small and large changes made by the company and here he talks in detail about how the company seamlessly married innovation and digitalization to propel itself to the future.

He spoke about all this and more in an interview he did with Lakshmi Ajay, Associate Editor at STAT Media Group, which was part of ‘CONVERSATIONS’ - an exclusive interview series from the recently concluded World Cargo Symposium hosted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Istanbul in April 2023.

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