“We have learned that in order to attract people into the industry, they have to be educated.”

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How can bringing in young children to spend a day at an airport or having policies for women in the workforce to have access to post-menopause medicines change aviation?

Kendra Kincade, Founder & CEO of Elevate Aviation spoke about all this and more with Lakshmi Ajay, Associate Editor of STAT Media as part of ‘CONVERSATIONS’ - an exclusive interview series from the recently concluded World Cargo Symposium hosted by IATA in Istanbul in April 2023.

At a particularly hard juncture in life, Kincade found direction in life and economic stability after she found a career in aviation as an air traffic controller. Today she is passing on the same joy that her aviation career brought her to children, young people, and women through her company which trains, upskills, and educates young people and women about aviation careers and gets them job-ready.

She shines a light on what the aviation industry can do to attract and retain new talent and how policies can be made more people friendly and why more aviation executives need to step out to neighborhood schools and career fairs to speak about their jobs.

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