“We believe AfCFTA will create open air policy that will boost flower trade”

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Sian Roses in Kenya is one of the leading producers of fresh cut flowers exporting all their products to various markets across Europe, Dubai, UK, Australia and Africa. With 2500 employees across four farms, producing 120-130 million stems a year in a highly competitive market, it is also the single producer of spray roses in the world.

Watch as Raphael Kiptis, Head of Finance, Sian Roses speaks to Lakshmi Ajay, of STAT Media Group at the recent Air Cargo Africa 2023, in Johannesburg, South Africa shares insights on how the company has dealt with the multiple challenges of an inflation in Europe, a drop in demand owing to the Russia-Ukraine war and breaking trade barriers to move into newer markets like neighbouring Nigeria, South Africa, Middle East, Australia and China.

With favourable air freight rates, more legroom in flights and a rebound in demand, Kiptis is placing his bets on sea freight as a viable option for transporting flowers and on the Kenyan floricutlture industry adopting digitalisation and for #AfCFTA to remove trade barriers and bring in the open skies policy that will ultimately benefit the flower trade. He also outlines Sian’s pioneering work in implementing solar power, and the usage of recycling and technological bio solutions to reduce costs to become sustainable and ultimately mitigate climate change.

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