TIACA announces launch customers for BlueSky sustainability verification programme

First wave of participants represents organisations from the airline, airport, freight forwarder, ground handler and GSSA sectors

TIACA announces launch customers for BlueSky sustainability verification programme

Etihad Cargo is the first middle eastern carrier to join TIACA’s BlueSky Sustainability Verification Programme

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) announces the pioneering launch customers for the air cargo industry's first multi-sector sustainability verification programme.

Following the announcement of the launch of the BlueSky Programme at the March Executive Summit, a successful pilot programme was run with airline and ground handling companies.

The TIACA BlueSky programme, open to the entire industry, not just TIACA members, is now ready to launch live operations with the first wave of participants representing organisations from the airline, airport, freight forwarder, ground handler and GSSA sectors.

The TIACA BlueSky launch participants:

• Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

• Astral Aviation

• Brussels Airport

• CHI (Cargo Handling International)

• Edmonton International Airport

• Etihad Cargo

• Flexport

• HACTL (Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited)

• Strike Aviation

• Swissport

"We are very pleased to see such strong launch support from some world-class innovative organisations. This programme will enable all participants to assess where they are on their sustainability transformation journey, which will collectively demonstrate the leadership of the air cargo industry in tackling this important topic," said Steven Polmans, TIACA Chair.

Phase 1 of the programme is an evidence-based desktop verification process designed to assess the applicants' progress against a number of critical sustainability criteria.

The eight areas of assessment criteria include:

• Decarbonisation

• Waste elimination

• Biodiversity protection

• Support for local economies and communities

• Impact on society improvement (lives and well-being)

• Efficiency and profitability (digitalization)

• Employee engagement, retention and development

• Partnership building

The assessment process is tailored to each industry sector to ensure peer assessments and progress tracking provide maximized value. Upon completion of the assessment by an independent organisation, the participants receive a personalized dashboard highlighting where they currently are against the assessed criteria. A subsequent phase will include a full onsite audit option with an in-depth report describing areas of improvement.

"Sustainability is an increasingly important topic for businesses globally, and as an industry which connects the world, it is critical that we all have strategic plans in place to ensure our sustainability credentials are demonstrated in an evidenced and neutral fashion. The TIACA BlueSky programme aims to provide that solution. We are excited to see the programme launch and invite all industry stakeholders to take a look." Glyn Hughes, TIACA Director General

The BlueSky Programme is a tool that the entire air cargo industry can use to track their sustainability progress, benchmark against peers and accelerate the industry transformation.

Etihad Cargo becomes first middle eastern carrier to join TIACA's BlueSky Sustainability Verification Programme

Etihad Cargo, the cargo and logistics arm of Etihad Aviation Group, has advanced its sustainability journey by becoming the first Middle Eastern carrier to participate in The International Air Cargo Association's (TIACA) BlueSky programme.

Following the March 2022 launch announcement of the air cargo industry's first multi-sector sustainability verification programme and successful pilot programme, Etihad Cargo is one of the first participants to join the programme's live operations. Other participants include organisations from airline, airport, ground handler, and general sales and service agents sectors.

The first phase of the programme comprises an evidence-based desktop verification process in which participants can assess their progress against eight critical sustainability criteria, including decarbonisation, waste elimination, biodiversity protection, support for local economies and communities, impact on society improvement, efficiency and profitability, employee engagement, retention and development, and partnership building.

Upon completion of the tailored assessment process, Etihad Cargo will receive a personalised dashboard which displays the carrier's performance against the criteria. Later phases of the programme will include the option for a full onsite audit with an in-depth report that highlights areas for improvement.

"Sustainability remains a key pillar of Etihad Cargo's agenda," said Martin Drew, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Cargo. "Although the air cargo industry has historically been considered less sustainable than other methods of transportation, the sector is making great strides in developing more sustainable solutions and is investing in fleet modernisation, fuel efficiency, sustainable aviation fuel and carbon compensation initiatives.

"Participating in TIACA's BlueSky programme is just the latest step Etihad Cargo has taken to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The assessment process will enable Etihad Cargo to more effectively measure the carrier's performance and track its sustainability progress as it continues on its sustainability journey, which will benefit Etihad Cargo's customers and the wider air cargo industry."

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