MSC Air Cargo, IBS Software sign multi-year deal

MSC Air Cargo to use IBS Software’s iCargo for improving operational efficiencies

MSC Air Cargo, IBS Software sign multi-year deal
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IBS Software, a global leader of SaaS solutions to the travel and cargo industry, has been selected by MSC Air Cargo, the air cargo unit of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, as a strategic partner in a bid to digitally transform its air cargo operations.

"iCargo, the Software as a Service solution for air cargo management from IBS Software, will install a true digital platform that covers cargo sales, operations, cargo accounting and portal for MSC. The standard product implementation will help MSC to go-live faster and start business operations at the earliest opportunity. Once fully implemented, iCargo will enable MSC to have full visibility of its air cargo value chain, covering sales, operations and accounting, while also gaining insights for continuous business improvement," says an official release.

The partnership enables IBS Software to deploy iCargo for a company that is already the world’s largest container carrier and which is now growing its MSC Air Cargo unit as a complementary business to its core ocean shipping solution. "iCargo adheres to best practices in the air cargo industry and is fully compliant with global industry standards and initiatives such as Cargo iQ, C-XML, OneRecord, e-AWB and e-Freight, making this latest development a remarkable moment across the logistics industry. It is an important step toward achieving seamless operations across multi-modal logistics models, increased efficiency and the productivity to power rapid global trade and growth IBS Software has long advocated for."

Jannie Davel, Senior Vice President, MSC Air Cargo says: “This is our first step into this market, and we plan to continue exploring avenues to develop air cargo in a way that complements MSC's overall solutions to our customers. This is why we’ve engaged IBS Software in a strategic agreement to implement their industry leading iCargo platform. While we appreciate that many existing processes may remain relevant, our business is continuously evolving, and we believe that improvements in how a multi-modal business operates internally can help its customers achieve success. We see great potential in IBS Software’s capabilities and solutions, through which we expect to harness the power of digitalisation to help achieve MSC Air Cargo’s objectives."

Ashok Rajan, Head, Cargo & Logistics Solutions, IBS Software adds: “We’re thrilled to embark on this partnership and to support MSC Air Cargo’s new business objectives in the cargo industry. We’re confident the iCargo solution and the team that continuously innovates our products will take MSC’s multi-modal business model to new heights.”

The first phase of the implementation of iCargo has already been completed by MSC Air Cargo.

MSC Air Cargo path
MSC launched MSC Air Cargo in September 2022, and four Boeing 777-200F aircraft will be operated by Atlas Air.

MSC Air Cargo will use Liege Airport (LGG) as its European hub, and started operations at Liège with the first landing on December 3, 2022.

MSC Air Cargo is also eyeing acquisition of ailing Italian cargo airline AlisCargo. A spokesperson of AlisCargo says: "AlisCargo can confirm that the negotiations with MSC Group are ongoing. At the moment, it’s not possible to provide further information until the discussions with the counterpart and the authorisations of the competent bodies will have been successful."

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