Lufthansa Group, OMV sign 800,000 tonnes SAF deal

OMV is already supplying SAF at Vienna International Airport to Austrian Airlines.

Lufthansa Group, OMV sign 800,000 tonnes SAF deal

Lufthansa Group and global energy and chemicals group OMV signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the supply of more than 800,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for 2023 to 2030.

"The companies intend to expand their existing partnership by adding new locations for SAF production and offtake as well as new technologies. OMV has already been supplying SAF to the Lufthansa Group airline Austrian Airlines at Vienna International Airport since March 2022.," says a release from Lufthansa.

SAF is aviation fuel produced without the use of fossil energy sources such as crude oil or natural gas. "Various production processes exist and different feedstocks are available as energy sources. The current generation of SAF, which saves 80 percent CO2 compared to conventional kerosene, is mainly produced from biogenic residues, for example used cooking oils. Before being transported to the airport, SAF is currently mixed with fossil kerosene. In the long term, SAF can enable virtually CO2-neutral aviation.

"The Lufthansa Group has been involved in SAF research for many years, has built up an extensive network of partnerships and is driving forward the introduction of sustainable next-generation aviation fuel. Special focus is placed on the forward-looking power-to-liquid and sun-to-liquid technologies, which use renewable energies or solar thermal energy as energy carriers."

With the expansion of cooperation with OMV, Lufthansa Group can drive the availability, market ramp-up and use of SAF as an essential element for a CO2-neutral future of aviation, the release added.

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