DB Schenker invests €94 million for new facilities in Ireland

Demand from healthcare and technology customers is powering strong growth across DB Schenker’s business in Ireland

DB Schenker invests €94 million for new facilities in Ireland
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DB Schenker has successfully completed three of its four major development projects to provide larger, state-of-the-art operations in Ireland. “As part of a €94 million investment in new facilities across the country, sites at Shannon (County Clare), Leixlip (County Kildare) and Baldonnel (County Dublin) are now complete and fully operational, ” said the official release.

As part of the drive to facilitate growth and support customers in the west of Ireland, DB Schenker purchased 6.2 acres of development land from Shannon Commercial Properties in 2020. "They delivered 40,000 square feet of high-quality warehousing as well as 12,000 square feet of Grade A office accommodation, providing a modern and inviting working environment."

With the acquisition of 14.2 acres of property at Liffey Business Campus in May 2021, DB Schenker began a project in 2020 to build a brand-new, cutting-edge facility. A 220,000-square-foot facility including 200,000 square feet of high-quality high bay warehouse and 20,000 square feet of high-end Grade A office space will be built with PJ Hegarty & Sons serving as the principal contractor. The location also offers extra space for 50,000 square feet of potential future growth if needed.

DB Schenker leased a new 130,000-square-feet building at Baldonnell Business Park in early 2022. The building has two levels of Grade A office space spread across high-quality, high-bay warehouse space. Additionally, DB Schenker spent almost €3 million on a facility's specialised fit-out.

DB Schenker is close to obtaining about six acres of property in Dublin as part of its continuous development ambitions for land transportation in Ireland, which will allow for the construction of a new land terminal. The terminal, which will be around 45,000 square feet, will include two levels of Grade A offices as well as a transportation hub for their Land product. An additional new facility in Dublin will commence construction soon and is scheduled for completion in January 2025.

Demand from healthcare and technology customers is powering strong growth across DB Schenker’s business in Ireland, which now employs 800 people. Eoghan Turner, Head, Real Estate, UK & Ireland, DB Schenker says, “The last three years have seen a period of major growth at DB Schenker which has resulted in significant new investment in Irish real estate as well as the upgrading of our property portfolio across the UK & Ireland cluster. We have been successful in delivering several large-scale projects, not least the construction of our 220,000 square feet LEED Gold Leixlip facility, a long-term lease of 130,000 square feet at Baldonnell Business Park, and the delivery of our new facility in Shannon. We will continue to concentrate on similar high-quality, sustainable assets as we go into the future.”

Advanced warehousing capabilities alongside automated facilities combined with the introduction of electric vehicles are key components of DB Schenker’s ongoing growth strategy across Ireland, the release added.

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