Covid 19 lands a punch on int'l air cargo capacity

The pandemic's sway on international air cargo capacity nudges industry players to seek out adaptation measures.

Covid 19 lands a punch on intl air cargo capacity

The pandemic years dealt a blow with air cargo capacities dropping to levels below 2019.  

Accenture's recently released report reveals the pandemic's ripple effect on air cargo capacity worldwide. Citing Covid 19 as the main reason for a drop in global air cargo capacity, the Accenture report goes on to state that as "the world returns to the skies once again, industry players are adapting to a very different landscape."

The only ray of hope, according to the report is the reopening of Shanghai factories with lockdown restrictions set to be lifted: "As Shanghai factories are preparing to reopen and restrictions are lifted, air cargo capacity could be less constrained in the near future."

Check out the infographic below to learn more:

Impact of Covid-19 on Air Cargo Capacity by Manjula Nair
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