UPS Healthcare revolutionises prioritised shipping with enhancements to UPS Premier

Upgrades and global expansion is slated to provide additional control, visibility, reliability and recovery for patient-critical, time and temperature-densitive Products

UPS Healthcare revolutionises prioritised shipping with enhancements to UPS Premier

UPS Healthcare today announced a market expansion and the next generation in the UPS® Premier product line. The UPS® Premier service portfolio provides three-level flexibility to meet healthcare customers' unique needs.

UPS Premier monitors packages at all times, creating visibility and prioritization for each shipment. In addition, sensor technology enables real-time recovery of UPS Premier shipments if they encounter network delays, temperature deviations, or other issues.

UPS® Premier Silver and Gold are now available in major markets around the world. UPS® Premier Platinum adds the ability to monitor temperature, light, and humidity while tracking shipments in and out of the UPS network. UPS Premier Platinum will be available this fall.

"The expansion and enhancement of UPS Premier supports the complex needs of our laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical customers around the world," said EVP and President International, Healthcare and Supply Chain Solutions Kate Gutmann. "Whether efficiently moving healthcare products between countries, maintaining negative 80-degree temperatures or locating life-saving shipments with precision, UPS Premier provides industry-leading visibility, control, reliability, and recovery."

This specialized service connects major global trade lanes and is now expanding geographically. These new offerings provide customers with even more benefits, including efficient customs brokerage, environmental monitoring, and visibility to meet the challenges of global healthcare logistics leaders.

"Visibility and traceability are essential to prioritizing the life-saving medications our customers ship and their customers need," said UPS Healthcare President Wes Wheeler. "The difference between life and death for patients often hinges on the ability to quickly ship and precisely track, monitor, and locate medications."

Innovations in biologics, specialty pharmaceuticals, and medications genetically personalized for each patient's needs are driving significant demand for precision logistics to support more patient-critical, time and temperature-sensitive products.

The global market for biologic therapeutic drugs is set to increase from $285.5 billion in 2020 to $421.8 billion by 2025. 1 UPS Healthcare has added these new UPS Premier capabilities to support the complex needs of this growing market.

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