SEKO Logistics acquires e-commerce fulfilment expert Pixior

Yassine Amallal remains as CEO of the business unit, which will ultimately be renamed SEKO Ecommerce Fulfillment.

SEKO Logistics acquires e-commerce fulfilment expert Pixior

James Gagne, CEO of SEKO Logistics

SEKO Logistics announced the acquisition of Pixior, a leading 3PL and fulfilment services provider based in Commerce, CA.

"With seven locations along the West Coast and one location in Connecticut, Pixior has become the region's premier provider of e-commerce fulfilment and retail services, with an emphasis on serving high-end fashion brands," reads the release.

The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Following the sale, Yassine Amallal remains as CEO of the business unit, which will ultimately be renamed SEKO Ecommerce Fulfillment.

The acquisition of Pixior brings key e-commerce capabilities in-house to SEKO in the critical West Coast market. "These capabilities include high-touch value-added fulfilment services that provide a customized brand experience to client customers," it says.

This acquisition also nearly doubles SEKO's fulfilment and warehouse space in the US and triples SEKO's existing West Coast space capacity. "In addition, SEKO adds Pixior's drayage business to increase further the speed and efficiency of its port discharge services," it added.

"With the acquisition of Pixior, we crystallize our industry leadership in end-to-end logistics solutions and take a significant leap forward in our fulfilment capabilities in the US," said James Gagne, CEO of SEKO Logistics. "We are operating on a strong growth trajectory and looking for opportunities that allow the company to continue to move at the speed of commerce from anywhere in the world. Yassine and the Pixior team have demonstrated their clear ability to execute outstanding service, quickly develop new space and onboard clients in highly constricted markets. We believe in what they've accomplished and are ready to help the company and its clients grow even more."

SEKO's strong global presence will also expand Pixior's existing offerings, providing clients of the company access to:

• Technology and compliance led value-added freight forwarding capabilities, especially for Asia-US trade lanes

• In-country fulfilment capabilities in key European and Asia Pacific markets to support international expansion strategies

• Personalized last mile e-commerce transportation services

"Pixior has grown substantially since the company was founded more than 20 years ago. To continue our growth, we needed a partner with the right capabilities and expertise to accelerate and expand what we've been able to achieve. SEKO is the right partner," said Yassine Amallal, CEO of Pixior. "We admire the company's global reputation of being a no-nonsense, hands-on and reliable provider of first-class logistics solutions, just like us. Plus, with their global operations, there is no limit to our customers' growth potential."

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