Wings For Aid uses Trip & Co’s insulation covers for drone deliveries

Wings For Aid is developing a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System that delivers humanitarian goods to people isolated by natural disasters and man-made crises — safely and with pinpoint accuracy.

Trip & Co’s expertise on cargo restraint products, thermal insulation and fire containment covers gives Wings For Aid access to specialised knowledge for transporting medicines, batteries and communication devices.

By the end of 2020, Wings For Aid’s tested system will support emergency organisations worldwide in bridging the notorious “last mile” in humanitarian aid logistics. This system will be capable of carrying an approximate 1.000 kg of food, blankets, medicines and other life-saving commodities per day in a 100-km radius, and dropping them without parachutes in self-landing, 20-kg cardboard boxes.

“We are proud of working together with Wings For Aid and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration working towards their innovative and game-changing goal.” Says Tijmen Koster, CEO of Trip & Co.

“Under the cooperation, Trip & Co has developed a special inlay that upgrades our cardboard box to make it applicable to transport medicines under all kinds of weather conditions. We appreciate Trip & Co’s long-lasting expertise on cargo restraint products, ULD equipment and especially thermal insulation,’’ Thus Barry Koperberg, general manager of Wings For Aid.
In addition, Trip & Co has developed a fire containment inlay that guarantees fireproof transport of batteries and communication devices.