Swissport successfully starts binding FAIR@Link slot booking

It enables efficient and automated access control and was of central importance for Swissport, as the hall can only be reached via a single central entrance area.

Swissport successfully starts binding FAIR@Link slot booking

Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland GmbH opened its new air freight hall earlier this week. It was at the same time, slot booking from FAIR @ Link was introduced as a binding system for all traffic. It enables efficient and automated access control and was of central importance for Swissport, as the hall can only be reached via a single central entrance area.

“The efforts of the last few months have paid off,” emphasises the project manager Mirjam Sladkowski. She added, “It was a challenge not only to complete the construction work, but also to establish the new processes in good time. The start was successful. We were able to go into operation on the morning of November 2 as planned. Exactly at 6:30 a.m. the first truck that was registered via FAIR @ Link passed our entrance gate. As expected, there were also vehicles for which no slots were booked during the day. However, the drivers were able to make up the slot booking in our freight acceptance department, so that they could be processed with a time delay according to the slot window they created subsequently. “

With FAIR @ Link, Swissport receives information about all planned deliveries and collections at an early stage, can plan its resources accordingly and avoid peak situations at the check-in counters and ramps. The necessary checks can be carried out in advance, so that only a target / actual comparison has to be made when the drivers arrive with the goods.

The procedure is easy to explain: the companies reserve slots for handling in FAIR @ Link before starting their journey and are handled within this time frame without waiting. Equipped with a QR code and / or pin, which you automatically receive with the slot confirmation from FAIR @ Link, you drive to the entrance barrier, scan the QR code or type the pin - directly from the driver's cab - on a tablet one. After an automated check as to whether the driver's arrival time matches the booked slot, the barrier opens, the vehicle can drive in and the handling process can proceed as planned.

“The FAIR @ Link platform allows us enormous flexibility in communication with the transporters and ultimately, together with the control modules for ULD and replacement flights, overall smooth logistics processes along our logistics value chain. It is crucial that all companies concerned abide by the rules. This includes early slot booking and punctual arrival at the barrier. Because it is only possible to drive onto the site a maximum of 15 minutes before or after the start of the slot,” explains Sladkowski.

For Henning Dieter, CEO of Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland GmbH, the successful commissioning is the result of many factors. He said, “It was important that all areas and project partners worked together smoothly and coordinated in order to achieve a holistic, innovative picture. That was a big challenge, especially due to the corona restrictions. Another focus was internal and external communication. The customers should be informed in a targeted manner and the acceptance and support of the employees was indispensable. That is why we have established a change process in which we continuously provide information via an internal website and actively involve our colleagues virtually in the design of the new processes and procedures. The effort was worth it. The employees are highly motivated.We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative technology, digitized processes for traffic control and see ourselves optimally positioned for the future. “

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