SITA’s bar-code reading gates enable faster passenger boarding at Fortaleza and Porto Alegre

February 14, 2020: SITA’s passenger processing technology that enables self-service at the boarding gates has been installed at the two airports in Brazil— Fortaleza Airport (FOR) and Porto Alegre Airport (POA), which are managed by Fraport Brasil.

An automated entry to the security checking area along with a simple scan of the boarding pass will reduce queues and make the process four times as efficient. Fraport Brasil has implemented a total of 26 SITA self-service gates: 14 at Forteleza Airport (FOR) and 12 at Porto Alegre Airport (POA).

“A significant part of our remit is to invest in infrastructure to transform the passenger experience and make operations highly efficient at these two airports. To do that, we need to provide automation at as many touchpoints as possible, which is why we have installed these gates that read bar-coded boarding passes,” Andreea Pal, CEO of Fraport Brasil, said. “We selected SITA because we know that using their technology allows us to process four times as many passengers to access the security checkpoint. This will significantly improve the passenger experience.”

SITA’s solutions enable secure checks against the airport systems and manages the integration of third-party hardware and SITA’s software with the existing airport IT infrastructure.