Rhenus Logistics expands warehousing solutions in Asia-Pacific

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Nov 5, 2019: Rhenus Logistics has expanded its warehousing solutions in Asia-Pacific, mainly in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

The company plans to expand steadily with an average of a new warehouse added every 3 months, extending its global experience to the region.

Following the recent acquisition of a logistics company in Singapore and the addition of its largest warehouse in Thailand, Rhenus Logistics now offers end-to-end logistic solutions in Asia-Pacific for Greater China, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. 

The logistics provider’s warehousing solutions are a central element of its integrated supply chain solutions for the procurement and distribution of goods. 

Rhenus Thailand opened the Bangna-Trad KM.19 warehouse - a 10,000 square-meter multi-user facility that covers 11,000 pallet locations, on June 2019 in Thailand, expanding its food cold storage facilities to include alcohol and Halal Food Grade products. 

In Singapore, the acquisition of Triways Logistics, a local player in the warehousing and supply chain industry, in May 2019 adds a 10,000 square-meter warehouse, expanding its service portfolio in warehousing service and distribution solutions. 

Rhenus Philippines similarly added four new warehouses this year, and currently has 13 warehouses strategically located islandwide.

Rhenus Indonesia is currently finalising plans to start offering warehousing services, and more details will be provided closer to date.

Its proprietary Rhenus Warehousing System, customised for the Asia Pacific region, will enhance cross-border security with centralised monitoring and control of the processes. The system offers 24/7 real time stock visibility, supports labour, distributed order and inventory management, optimizes operations, and can be configured to suit different customers' scope and requirements.  

"The strategic move to build stronger supply chain capabilities paves the way for Rhenus Logistics as a complete solution provider in Asia, encompassing freight and warehousing services, as well as distribution services. Our warehouses are located in close proximity of connecting airports and ports, and supported with our global structure and networks. Our comprehensive road networks in markets such as Greater China, offer added value to customers by offering cost-efficient and reliable transport operations to and from the warehouses -- between towns, cities, and countries," said Karl-Heinz Krupp, general manager of Warehousing Solutions & Domestic Distribution, Rhenus Logistics Greater China. 

Automation, comprehensive analytics and the efficient use of big data, are some other tools that will used to further optimise operations.

"Our Smart Logistics solutions, conceptualised by a dedicated team, have seen good results, such as the self-programmed collaborative robot cell in Germany. As our footprint in Asia-Pacific grows, we will work closely with customers to develop customized logistics solutions, powered by technology and our industry expertise," added Thomas Halliday, APAC Warehousing director - IT.

Rhenus warehouses in Asia Pacific


No of warehouses

Greater China

China: 2 warehouses, 10,300 sqm

Hong Kong: 1 warehouse, 3,500 sqm


30 warehouses, 155,000 sqm


6 warehouses, 69,400 sqm


1 warehouse, 3,400 sqm


13 warehouses, 16,009 sqm


1 warehouse, 10,000 sqm


6 warehouses, 34,900 sqm


1 warehouse, 9,000 sqm

Source: Rhenus

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