Pharma.Aero adds Astral Aviation and Bombelli Airport Equipment as its members

While Astral Aviation will be a new Full Member, Bombelli Airport Equipment will come on board as an Associate Partner.

Pharma.Aero adds Astral Aviation and Bombelli Airport Equipment as its members

A cross-industry collaboration body for pharma shippers Pharma.Aero has welcomed two new partners in its endeavours. The new inclusions are Astral Aviation and Bombelli Airport Equipment, which come onboard as a new full member and associate partner respectively.

Nathan De Valck, chairman of Pharma.Aero said, “Alongside with expanding the number of pharma shippers in our organisation, Pharma.Aero is also growing its membership base across the air cargo supply chain, which provides a balanced representation of key stakeholders active in the air transportation of pharma and life sciences shipments.”

Sanjeev Gadhia, CEO, Astral Aviation, commented, “We are honored to become a Full Member of Pharma.Aero as we have confidence in the importance of Pharma.Aero in its efforts to foster collaboration between all members of the Pharma supply-chain. Being a member of TIACA, Astral Aviation is truly grateful for the launch of Project Sunrays which is an initiative between TIACA and Pharma Aero that will establish useful guidelines to ensure the proper and safe handling, storage, and transport of the highly expected volume of COVID-19 vaccines”

Angelo Enrico Bombelli, CEO, Bombelli Airport Equipment, said: “Following our strategy to always provide innovative and impactful cool chain solutions to support the industry, such as what we have done in developing and producing cool chain equipment designed to protect pharma cargo on the ramp or warehouse including our Temperature Controlled Dollies (Arctic Dollies), Bombelli Airport Equipment is honoured to be part of Pharma.Aero. We look very much forward to collaborating with Pharma.Aero network to learn and contribute to the industry’s problems and opportunities. COVID-19 situation has surely put the spotlight on the air freight industry. So, we believe it is now more important than ever to come together to collectively share best practices and knowhow to continue shaping the industry in the best way possible.”

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