LATAM Cargo delivers 50 tonnes of essential hospital goods to Brazil

LATAM Cargo in partnership with VTC LOG transported 50 tonnes of essential hospital goods to combat Covid-19 in Roraima, Brazil, on May 29 and 30. In addition, respirators will also be sent to Rondônia.

The transportation was carried out in three flights using Boeing 767 aircraft (a freighter and a passenger airplane adapted for cargo transportation) and Boeing 777 aircraft (also adapted for cargo). They left São Paulo/Guarulhos airport for Manaus, where the cargo will continue its trip in order to be delivered in both states.

Of the total transported, 40 respirators will be sent to the state of Rondônia. The rest of the cargo, 50 respirators and about 50 tonnes of protection equipment and medicines, will be delivered to Roraima.

"We are very committed to delivering essential goods to Brazilian states in order to fight COVID-19. We have even redesigned our network taking these cargo needs into consideration”, states Diogo Elias, LATAM Cargo Brazil’s director.

This initiative is one of many actions LATAM Cargo is carrying out in Brazil in order to supply all the country’s regions. Since the pandemic began, more than 100 flights have been carried out to transport around 600 tons of different goods in order to fight the disease. These include: medicines, tests, alcohol-based gel, masks, gloves, thermometers, respirators and food donations.

The company maintains all its cargo operations in the Brazilian domestic market and is taking measures to increase its cargo capacity during the upcoming months. These actions include using larger aircraft for trips to strategic destinations within the country and transporting cargo in adapted passenger aircraft. This form of operation allows cargo to be placed under the seats, in the hand luggage compartments or even on the seats.