Jettainer unveils ‘plug&fly’ service for small and mid-sized airlines

Jettainer has developed and launched plug&fly, a new basic version of its full-service ULD solution.

Jettainer unveils ‘plug&fly’ service for small and mid-sized airlines

Jettainer, the leading player in unit load device (ULD) management, has developed and launched plug&fly, a new basic version of its full-service ULD solution. With plug&fly, small and mid-sized airlines will be able to unlock the benefits of outsourced ULD management in a way that is quick and easy. plug&fly helps airlines optimize their ULD fleet by 15 percent while making sure that the ULDs are available anywhere, at any time at transparent fixed prices. plug&fly is seamless to implement and influences the cost and efficiency of ULDs for an airline.

“Big carriers are not the only ones who get to enjoy optimized ULD fleets and the smart global management services provided by Jettainer’s industry experts. Many other airlines with fleets of up to 2,000 ULDs can now reap the rewards too. To arrive at this destination, we had to take a separate, more streamlined approach that we are now rolling out with plug&fly,” said Thomas Sonntag, Jettainer’s managing director.

Sonntag further added, “With plug&fly, we take over ULD steering, optimize the ULD fleet by 15 percent while the ULDs remain the airline’s property. A volume based flat rate pricing allows accurate budget planning. As such, plug&fly is unique and one of a kind in the market.”

Explaining the advantages of this unique offering, Ivy Chan, head of sales – Asia, Jettainer said, “The customers will benefit in the same way from significant network synergies and full operational stability due to our cross-utilization and SMART-pooling approach to counter imbalances and avoid bottlenecks. We ensure full connectivity between the customers’ and our integrated IT solution, thus providing real-time and reliable station inventory, highest data quality and ULD traceability and visibility.”

Jettainer offers different customised partnership models with airlines: from ULD management to maintenance and repair, from deploying controllers directly at the customer’s premises to many other additional services. Yet, these tailored full-service solutions do not meet the needs of each and every airline.

The plug&fly concept and its product set-up has already received positive feedback from the airlines, revealed Chan. Jettainer is in close contact with various airlines not just in the Asia-Pacific region – but also in the Middle East, in the Americas and Europe.

“Especially in the Asia-Pacific market, we see potential for outsourced ULD management. Numerous smaller airlines fit into the customer segment for plug&fly and are subject to enormous cost pressure especially now in these challenging times. Our new service is ideal for them as it enables airlines save costs quickly and effectively,” said Chan.

Leveraging a wealth of possible ULD services, Jettainer has therefore developed a basic product with a fixed pricing model that is guided by the number of ULDs. These assets remain the customer’s property. By optimising the ULD fleet quantity, Jettainer generates direct and immediate cost savings for the customer. These savings come in addition to reduced costs for airlines´ own IT and coordination efforts, which are typically incurred with inhouse solutions. Jettainer uses an integrated IT solution harnessing artificial intelligence, ensuring real time visibility of ULDs and inventories. Jettainer’s customers also benefit from its global network and inherent synergies in ULD positioning: plug&fly offers the premium-quality management services that the global market leader’s customers have come to rely on, guaranteeing that ULDs are available within the network anywhere and at any time. This allows airlines to increase the focus on their core business while experiencing continued flexibility and full cost transparency.

“plug&fly means piece of mind when it comes to balanced ULD supply - allowing the airlines to fully focus on their core business,” Sonntag added.

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