"He’s driven by the idea of growth and expansion," Group Concorde’s Prithviraj

Taking inspiration of entrepreneurship rightly from his father, Prithviraj Singh Chug of Group Concorde takes us through some of the decisions made by his father, Pukhraj Singh Chug, in leading the company.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, The STAT Trade Times interviewed Prithviraj to know about the examples set by his father, which now lay ahead of him. 

1.How did your father bring the company together and made it what it is today. What drove him, and what qualities you think helped him get here.
My father worked one day at a time and had very limited resources when he began. He has always kept his head on the ground and kept high standards of work in whatever he did, starting with freight forwarding and then on to GSSA & IT services. He was always driven by the idea of growth and expansion, hence he always used his profits to reinvest back into the business. The quality of hard work and selflessness is a key driver to keep up the business when you’re an entrepreneur that I see in him as it’s very easy to become content and ultimately your lack of hunger for more drives you away from being dynamic and efficient for the changing business environment.

2. What are some of the qualities, picked from your dad, that really help you in making better decisions or handling tough situations?
Patience is one of the virtues he passed to me, I was always very restless and trigger friendly. He has given me this guideline always to patiently handle a situation no matter how good or tough it is.

3. Share with us an occasion involving you and your father working together on a project.
Recently we worked together on launching the China Airlines cargo station in BOM. We did a lot of hard work in convincing the HQ and also working slowly over 3 months to successfully launch the operation in Mumbai.