“He is an incredibly stubborn and ambitious man,” ASI’s Michelle Lawrence

Thinking of past few months that have made most of us to reach out to our families and loved ones a little more than usual, today marks an opportune moment to recognise the hard-work and admirable contributions made by dads.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, The STAT Trade Times spoke to Michelle Lawrence of ASI to learn about Joe Lawrence from the daughter herself. The following interview makes an eloquent father-daughter working-as-a-team story.

1. What drove your father, and what qualities you think helped him, to get here?
My father is an incredibly stubborn and ambitious man, so when presented with a challenge, or rather, the question of where does he fit in this industry, he attacked it the only way he knew how, carving a place for himself by creating his own GSSA company. His work ethic, interpersonal skills and knowledge of the industry and its players, have definitely aided in the success of our company.

2. What are some of the qualities, picked from your dad, that really help you?
The qualities that come to mind are accountability, perseverance, and curiosity. My father always instilled in me that there was nothing that I could not do and nothing I could not learn, if I put in the time and effort.

3. What was the first project your and you father worked on together; and what are some of the advices given by him that have stayed with you?
The first project my father and I worked on together for ASI, was actually my introduction to the industry. From the moment I committed to working with him at ASI, my father insisted I attend every industry event or meeting. His intention was to insure I understood the industry as a whole and not just the day-to-day minutiae. During these events and meetings, while he made sure to educate and guide me, he always gave me the space to form and voice my own opinions and find my own footing.

4. For younger generation working with their families, what do you have to say to them?

Working with family is never an easy proposition and it is only a successful proposition if all parties agree to a set of boundaries and a level of professionalism before going forward. You also have to expect that as a child of someone who has already proven their worth, you will have to work even harder to achieve that level of respect. The sheer amount of joy and passion this industry has brought to both my father and myself, is proof that the hard work is totally worth it.