DSV expands air freight capacity with three new intercontinental routes

Through these routes, the company will connect five continents in order to accommodate customer demands in a global air freight market affected by lack of capacity due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

DSV expands air freight capacity with three new intercontinental routes

Covid-19 continues to impact global trade and movement of goods for companies all over the world. Consequently, airports around the world are facing significant cargo congestion, and customers are facing a frustrating lack of capacity. DSV is once again expanding its air charter network. With the addition of three new intercontinental air charter routes covering five continents, the company adds a significant amount of air freight capacity to help customers around the world.

“We know a lot of customers struggle with a tremendous amount of uncertainty and a general lack of capacity. Therefore, it is imperative for us to continue to provide new solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic for them,” says Mads Ravn, head of global air freight procurement at DSV. Ravn adds, “We see cargo congestion at both sea ports and airports around the world, hence it’s crucial that we seek to find alternative solutions. I am very pleased that we keep expanding our international air charter services. The aim is to offer more flexibility and security of cargo freight which is crucial and sought after by our many customers.”

A DSV door to door-solution
The DSV Air Charter Network is managed as a fully in-house DSV network and includes road freight to and from the airport, document handling, freight handling and planning for loading air freight units (ULD’s).

The in-house control of the complete process makes the air charter network highly flexible and efficient for customers – all characteristics that are crucial for customers in times of uncertainty.

The three new air charter routes are:

Luxembourg – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Started on Febuary 21, it is a weekly direct route from Luxembourg to Guarulhos (São Paulo) with 100 tonnes of capacity between Europe and Brazil.

Luxembourg – Johannesburg (roundtrip), South Africa
Starting April 1, it has four weekly direct rotations with a combined 150 tonnes of capacity connecting two DSV hotspots in Europe and South Africa.

Chicago, USA – Shanghai (roundtrip), China
Starting March 1, it is a weekly connection from Shanghai to Chicago’s congestion free Rockford Airport and back to Shanghai. The capacity is 100 tonnes in each direction.

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