Dachser’s new hazardous materials 21,800 square meters warehouse, which is a specially equipped facility and can safely store chemical products and hazardous materials such as paints, coatings, and adhesives in a total of 43,000 pallet spaces, goes live. Dachser invested more than 20 million euros in this warehouse located in Malsch, near Karlsruhe, Germany.

Baden-Württemberg is one of the top five German states for chemical industry revenue. As such, there is strong demand there for logistics companies that can serve as a reliable transportation partner while also offering safe storage of chemical products and hazardous materials.

Dachser’s Karlsruhe logistics center has grown along with its customers to become a pivotal logistics hub for chemical products in the global logistics provider’s European network. A further advantage of the location is its excellent connections to France—the number one destination for German chemical exports. “Constantly growing demand from the chemical industry made building the new facility an absolute must,” said Bernd Großmann, branch manager Dachser Malsch.

Construction work for the new hazardous materials warehouse began in spring 2018, and the first customers began to move in in February 2019. With the official launch a few weeks ago, all work is now complete. All the hazardous materials warehouse’s transportation, storage, and logistics services are now up and running, with direct daily routes connecting it into Dachser’s close-knit European network.