CHAMP develops cargo app for Swissport

Swissport is equipping its cargo workers with a brand-new mobile application and new handheld devices. The cargo app will further digitize the air cargo warehousing process and offers real-time visibility on cargo shipments.

CHAMP develops cargo app for Swissport

Swissport introduces a new mobile cargo application Cargospot cargo app, developed by CHAMP Cargosystems to streamline and digitise its air cargo business. It will allow Swissport to record every step of the warehousing process. With these process steps in future supported with real-time visibility, customers can keep track of their shipment status according to Cargo iQ standards.

The implementation is set to reach 76 facilities in Swissport’s cargo network by the end of 2022. The mobile cargo application has already been rolled out at Swissport’s cargo operations in Helsinki, Basel, Hamburg, Manchester and Frankfurt. Next, the app will be introduced at locations across Africa, the US, the UK, and in Ireland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

“Our new cargo app enables us to take the digitization of our air cargo business to the next level.” says Hendrik Leyssens, VP Global Operations Cargo. “The improved visibility of every individual shipment will benefit airlines, forwarders and our own workers alike. Beyond that, this new way of working delivers a wealth of data, clearing the way for further optimization and streamlining the cargo flow at Swissport warehouses.”

The cargo app will enable Swissport workers to monitor and steer the warehousing process with real-time visibility, in a user-friendly and highly efficient way and offers advanced data-insights into air cargo flows. Cargo will be traceable through timestamps with exact locations, further improving the security of the supply chain.

The app also features built-in safety mechanisms, which create an additional barrier to make sure incompatible shipments, such as specific dangerous goods, remain separated at all times. As staff monitors and registers the flow of air cargo, several manual processes can be eliminated, and the administration is simplified.

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