Aero Africa provides air cargo services from China to Africa

African continent has been forgotten by carriers and cargo agents during the Covid-19 crisis, as most of the air cargo capacity is planned for Europe and the Americas . During the recent crisis, neutral air cargo solutions provider Aero Africa, assisted various freight and clearing agents from all Africa to move over 200 tons of time critical PPE goods ex China.

Aero Africa teamed up with NAP members and managed full and part charter loads into Southern and East Africa ,and moved time critical shipments into North & West Africa in-transit via EU.

Jade Da Costa, CCO, Aero Africa said: “In partnership with leading carriers ,GSAs and neutral air cargo brokers globally, we offer logistics companies exclusive scheduled cargo services and main deck solutions from our gateways in China , EU and Middle East , to more than 60 hard to reach destinations in Africa. Our main focus is on cargo from Asia and the Americas, as these markets have lack of space during Covid-19 crisis and limited main deck capacity directly into Africa.

During Covid-19 crisis, we extended our airline brokerage and charter solutions to include new carriers and transit gateways from those already available.

With selected trusted air cargo professionals in each African airport, we offer bespoke cost-effective solutions in 84 airports. This includes freight collect, A2D, DDP, neutral break-bulk, time critical, project air cargo, as well as final mile solutions, including services to remote difficult to reach destinations, all through Aero Africa’s single point of contact, control, and management.“