SEKO Logistics signals growth with investments in own operations in Vietnam

Including the opening of new Vietnam headquarters in Ho Chi Minh city

SEKO Logistics signals growth with investments in own operations in Vietnam

SEKO Logistics opens new headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: Business Wire)

SEKO Logistics (SEKO), a leading global logistics provider has recently announced the opening of the new headquarters of SEKO Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City along with facilities and staff in key markets across the country.

This marks SEKO's first official presence in Vietnam's largest city and comes as SEKO looks to prioritize investments in the region following Vietnam's strong economic growth in recent years. SEKO recently expanded into Vietnam via the acquisition of Bansard in 2021, and these additional investments in 2022 are in response to the significant growth and demand for transportation and logistics services in this growing strategic market.

In addition to the new office in Ho Chi Minh City, SEKO manages logistics services across the country via two additional strategically-important locations – Vietnam's capital Hanoi and the coastal city of Da Nang. From this network, SEKO offers its clients a market-leading logistics network incorporating:

  • Over 300,000 square meters of multifunctional warehouses – CFS, bonded and general cargo facilities - in eight locations in total, including Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Binh Duong, the biggest manufacturing areas of Vietnam
  • A domestic trucking network supported by a fleet of over 350 trucks, providing daily North to South linehaul services
  • A domestic rail network and SEKO's strong presence at the Yen Vien Rail Terminal in Hanoi, as well as at port and inland container depots
  • Weekly LCL/MCC and domestic ocean freight as well as air cargo opportunities with over 20 airlines
  • A dedicated in-house customs brokerage team and full, real-time links to the country's customs systems

"This new office represents our long-term investment in a country where the high availability of suppliers and proficient manufacturing is driving international orders and growth. With the Vietnamese government's intention to increase the country's logistics capacity over the next decade, this is the right time to make this commitment not only for our growth but for the success of our clients, as well," said Anthony Barnes, President – Asia Pacific at SEKO Logistics.

Despite the global pandemic, Vietnam's GDP is on target to grow 8% by year-end, driven by the country's positive response to managing coronavirus, which increased its attractiveness to the global business community. Foreign trade is expected to surpass a record $780 billion, and foreign direct investment continues to rise after reaching $31 billion in 2021. Vietnamese manufacturers in the garments and textiles, machinery and equipment, and spare parts industries were especially quick to react to the 'new normal' and ensured stable production, which helped many key industries grow by more than 10% last year. Already in the world's top 20 economies in international trade, Vietnam also expects to see export growth forecasting at about 9.5% by the end of 2022.

With Vietnam's rising manufacturing output, attractive labor costs, and strong economic growth, SEKO is already seeing growth in its share of fashion, apparel, footwear, high-tech, and automotive exports to Europe, North America, and Japan.

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