Lineage Logistics launches Lineage Fresh in U.S.

New service builds on acquisitions of Sun Valley Cold Storage & Kloosterboer Group.

Lineage Logistics launches Lineage Fresh in U.S.

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Lineage Logistics announced the launch of Lineage Fresh, a strategic service providing fresh storage options for importers, grocers, and producers of fresh fruit and produce.

"Leveraging the company's expertise as a global temperature-controlled provider, Lineage Fresh is designed to cater to businesses in which food safety is critical and speed to market is essential. The new value-added services and specialised capabilities of Lineage Fresh include re-pack & bagging services, reconditioning, restacking, restyling, container plugs, multi-temperature zones for produce, cold treatment, fumigation, container drayage, and the integration of customs bonded facilities," says an official release.

Jim Henderson, Vice President, Business Development, Lineage Logistics says: "With the launch of Lineage Fresh, we are excited to expand our reach in the fresh produce market, adding dedicated fresh capacity and product expertise to the market, ultimately helping customers capitalize on this growing opportunity. This offering will leverage our strategic acquisitions of Sun Valley Cold Storage and Kloosterboer, which bring state-of-the-art assets and years of experience to the organisation as well as our new port facility in Savannah, Ga., to build a more efficient end-to-end supply chain while addressing capacity concerns that have previously impacted the market."

Over the past two years, Lineage has focused on value-added services needed to handle fresh fruits and vegetables, namely fresh food storage, repacking, bagging, and transportation, the release added. "The company started this venture in June 2021 with the acquisition of Kloosterboer Group, which continues to bring a large, long-standing fresh operation to the Lineage network with fresh facilities in both Rotterdam and Flushing. In December 2021, Lineage acquired Sun Valley Cold Storage and its facility in Swedesboro, N.J., expanding its presence in the U.S. Tri-State area, where 80 percent of U.S. produce enters the country.

"Sun Valley Cold Storage served the fresh produce market for more than 15 years with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to handling fresh fruits and vegetables. Lineage is in the process of expanding this facility with 5,000 additional pallets coming online in Q12023, leveraging the capacity and expertise of the former Sun Valley and Kloosterboer operations to enhance Lineage's fresh network globally."

Lineage is building a new, state-of-the-art refrigerated storage facility at the port of Savannah, Ga., expected to open in January 2023, completely dedicated to fresh produce, the release said.

Lineage Logistics has a global network of over 400 strategically located facilities totaling over 2 billion cubic feet of capacity.

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