Dachser to add 12 more zero emission delivery areas in Europe

Number of cities served by Dachser Emission-Free delivery will have doubled to 24 by the end of 2025

Dachser to add 12 more zero emission delivery areas in Europe
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Dachser is expanding its emission-free delivery of non-chilled shipments to defined downtown areas. "By the end of 2025, the logistics provider plans to launch Dachser Emission-Free Delivery in twelve more European cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Hamburg, Cologne, London, Malaga, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Toulouse, Warsaw, and Vienna, says an official release.

In addition, the company will expand its existing zero-emission delivery area in Paris, the release added.

“We deliberately set ourselves the ambitious goal of doubling the number of cities served by Dachser Emission-Free Delivery by the end of 2025,” says Alexander Tonn, COO, Road Logistics, Dachser. “Our network locations are highly motivated to meet our customers’ desire for more sustainable city deliveries. Achieving our goal is based on our expectations that light electric trucks will become much more readily available and expansion of the charging infrastructure will pick up pace across Europe.”

Thanks to its modular system, Dachser Emission-Free Delivery is theoretically suitable for any European city, the release added. "Dachser Emission-Free Delivery is already available in twelve defined city-centre delivery areas - Berlin, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Freiburg, Madrid, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Porto, Prague, Strasbourg, and Stuttgart. The twelve city-centre areas announced today will be added by the end of 2025. Using a modular system adapted to local requirements, the Dachser branches deploy battery-electric vans and trucks as well as electrically assisted cargo bikes.

"The bikes are specially designed for groupage and heavy palletised goods. Depending on a location’s specific requirements, this concept also involves the use of small transit terminals—known as micro hubs—near city centres. In such cases, the cargo bikes start their tours at the microhub and carry goods into busy pedestrian zones. The e-trucks in turn supply the micro hubs with goods or, for parcels and pallets that are too large or too heavy for bike transport, deliver the goods directly to recipients."

Tara Li, Project Manager, Dachser Emission-Free Delivery adds: “Geography, social structure, administration: each city has its own unique profile, which we take into account when planning and implementing a zero-emission delivery area. At the same time, we can draw on our experience gained in twelve European cities to identify synergies and potential for optimisation.”

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