Fnac Darty, CEVA plan JV for e-commerce logistics

To be called Weavenn, the venture to offer integrated service combining tech solutions and multi-channel distribution

Fnac Darty, CEVA plan JV for e-commerce logistics

Enrique Martinez, CEO, Fnac Darty (left) and Mathieu Friedberg, CEO, CEVA Logistics

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Fnac Darty and CEVA Logistics signed an agreement to establish a joint venture to become a major European player in the e-commerce logistics market.

"The joint venture, based on the expertise of Fnac Darty and CEVA Logistics, would be called Weavenn and would offer a unique, fully integrated service combining the best marketplace technology solutions and high-performance logistics for multi-channel distribution. This innovative offering would meet all the needs of e-commerce players such as the complete management of marketplaces, direct sales to consumers and omnichannel delivery," says a release from CEVA.

The joint venture would bring to its customers the power and credibility of both companies: the Fnac Darty group with a network of nearly 1,000 shops coupled with a proven omnichannel model with 24 million unique monthly visitors to its websites, and CEVA Logistics, a world leader in third-party logistics with a network covering more than 170 countries and an internationally recognised fulfilment platform, Shipwire, the release added. CEVA Logistics is a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group.

"With over one billion order lines by 2022, e-commerce has become a central part of our logistics business and expertise," says Mathieu Friedberg, CEO, CEVA Logistics. "By partnering with an industry leader such as Fnac Darty, recognised for the quality of its service to consumers, we can create a fulfilment solution that benefits from the best technological solutions and is capable of supporting the growth of the market by meeting the requirements of e-commerce sellers in terms of efficiency, accessibility, transparency and visibility."

Enrique Martinez, CEO, Fnac Darty adds: "More than 40 million French people now place their trust in the Fnac Darty group, and for more than a decade now our brands have been successfully turning the corner on e-commerce to offer an omnichannel customer experience that is recognised throughout the retail world. Fnac, a pioneer in this field, launched its marketplace using its own technological solution back in 2009. Similarly, Darty is renowned for its unique expertise in after-sales service and has recently been recognised for the quality of its last-mile delivery as well as its take-back offers and its second-hand products. Joining forces with CEVA, a world leader in logistics, means pursuing the quest for high value-added services for our customers, which is at the heart of our Everyday strategic plan. We are convinced that together we will set new standards of quality and efficiency for our retail partners and our millions of individual customers.”

The partnership aims to strengthen their position in a European market that is valued at around €80 billion with growth estimated at over 10 percent a year. Over the next five years, the joint venture could generate sales in excess of €200 million with a double-digit operating margin. The cooperation would take the form of a 50-50 joint venture between Fnac Darty and CEVA Logistics, operational from 2024, subject to approval by the relevant authorities, the release added.

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