Ecom Express partners with Skye Air to enhance last-mile delivery

The partnership will commence with drone delivery trials in select locations in Gurugram, India.

Ecom Express partners with Skye Air to enhance last-mile delivery
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Studies show that drone-based deliveries could significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to parcel deliveries by road, contributing substantially to environmental sustainability. Through this collaboration, Ecom Express and Skye Air are looking to redefine last-mile delivery by addressing the interconnected challenges of traffic congestion and environmental sustainability.

The tech-driven end-to-end logistics solution provider Ecom has teamed up with Skye Air, a company specialising in drone technology. Skye Air can leverage Ecom Express’s network and automation solutions through the partnership while the logistics company uses Skye Air’s drone technology.

According to an official release, driven by a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, both companies aim to enhance delivery speed, improve efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. The joint operation will start with drone delivery in select locations in Gurugram, with plans to cover additional pin codes in sparse locations and more challenging terrains across India in subsequent stages.

“By leveraging Skye Air's expertise in drone technology, we are excited to explore new opportunities to enhance our delivery services. This collaboration will not only amplify our efforts in reducing delivery times for e-commerce parcels but also enable sustainability efforts beyond electrification of last-mile vehicles,” said Vishwachetan Nadamani, COO, Ecom Express.

In response, Skye Air’s Founder and CEO, Ankit Kumar, said, "We are thrilled to partner with Ecom Express to integrate drone delivery technology into their last-mile delivery ecosystem.”

Kumar also added that this partnership is looking to change the delivery landscape by harnessing the power of drones, focusing on efficiency and sustainability. This partnership aims to enable faster, safer, and more efficient deliveries by leveraging Skye Air’s tech stack and infrastructure, including Skye Pod and Skye UTM.

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