Dronedek looks to the future of delivery and sees autonomy

Dronedek looks to the future of delivery and sees autonomy

The future of package delivery will be autonomous and tech-driven and consumers should start preparing now to reap its benefits, predicts Dronedek Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dan O'Toole.

"We have reached a place where consumers want things delivered better, faster, fresher, and cheaper," says O'Toole. "Getting the most for the least is what it's all about. Paying less, not having to leave, having the quality and freshness, right now, is where we want to be." Meeting this consumer demand will speed autonomous delivery, he said, adding that he is optimistic consumers will quickly adapt to the new opportunities.

"Consumers are often skeptical of new technology, and autonomous delivery is no different but had consumers not already been ready to adapt in earlier times, we'd still be delivering packages by horse and buggy," he said. "I am so optimistic about the future," adds O'Toole. " Better, faster, fresher, cheaper are all metrics that deliver on the promise of autonomy."

Dronedek Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dan O'Toole

O'Toole plans to have Dronedek mailboxes of the future available for subscription service in the first quarter of 2023. Dronedek mailboxes are secure devices that can accept deliveries of every kind – human, robotic, or drone.

The top 4 benefits of autonomous delivery:

  • No more worry about package theft, damage, or inaccurate delivery: Dronedek mailboxes provide a climate-controlled, secure receptacle to store deliveries until consumers retrieve them whether they're delivered by drone, robot, or human. They are controlled by an app so sensitive deliveries can be safely shipped and stored.
  • No noise or privacy issues: Most consumer concerns about autonomous delivery have already been addressed. Dronedek is working with partners to reduce drone noise, and laws already exist to address privacy and safety.
  • Safety will increase: Autonomous delivery will improve safety around the country. Both aerial drones and unmanned autonomous vehicles have significant operational time under their belts and have proven safer than manned operations in the same scenarios.
  • A cleaner environment: Autonomous delivery is better for the environment. For every 1 percent of shipped items being delivered autonomously to a Dronedek in the US, 3,000 trucks will no longer be needed. That means fewer greenhouse gases, road repair, lower fuel costs, fewer accidents, fewer injuries, fewer deaths, and lower insurance costs.
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