Aramex tests drone delivery in Oman, successfully

Pilot part of Aramex’s “Future Delivery Program” which aims to enhance last-mile delivery through drones & vehicles.

Aramex tests drone delivery in Oman, successfully

Aramex successfully completed the pilot phase of its "Future Delivery Program" in Muscat, Oman. The test flights were conducted in partnership with USA-based UVL Robotics, a technological leader offering cutting-edge drone-based solutions with AI for logistics, says a release from Aramex.

The drone testing is aimed at leveraging the next generation of last-mile delivery solutions including drones and autonomous vehicles to boost delivery efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction, and generate cost savings in last-mile delivery, the release said. "In addition, the usage of drones is in line with Aramex's commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as it yields environmental benefits including a reduction in carbon emissions and traffic congestion."

Alaa Saoudi, Chief Operating Officer – Express, Aramex, says: "Rolling out the Future Delivery Program demonstrates Aramex's market leadership in last-mile solutions in the region. We believe the next generation of last-mile solutions, including drones and autonomous vehicles, will be a game-changer as it ensures efficient delivery while being eco-friendly. Through the successful drone delivery testing with UVL Robotics, we have proven that these automated modes of delivery will enable us to further enhance the speed, accessibility, and reliability of package deliveries, especially to remote areas with hard-to-reach terrain. In addition, the program will support our sustainability ambitions to significantly cut our greenhouse gas emissions and reach carbon neutrality by 2030."

Angad Singh, Global Director - Innovation, Aramex, adds: "The success of the pilot drone delivery is a remarkable milestone of our Future Delivery Program which is a key programme in our innovation and sustainability roadmap. The autonomous drone technology provided by UVL Robotics could potentially cut transit times by half in complex routes, which means we can now add more value for our customers and consignees as we can accelerate the delivery of packages across different sectors including e-commerce, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals amongst others. We look forward to scaling up this product for our customers and deploying it across all markets where we operate."

Moosa Al Balushi, Regional Director, MENA Region, UVL says: "We strongly believe that last mile delivery by drone is an important part of future logistics and one of key goals in business' sustainability strategy. Drones produce 26 times less CO2 emissions than cars, which has a positive impact on the region's ecology. Moreover, use of drones can significantly reduce operating costs and almost triple the time it takes to deliver a package to hard-to-reach locations. We are looking forward to scaling up our collaboration with Aramex as a recognized industry leader – increasing the number of routes and the share of drone delivery in the total number of shipments."

The test is the first of a multi-phase programme as Aramex embarks on its vision to fully transition its fleet to emission-free electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The pilot focused primarily on testing a fully autonomous drone to deliver parcels safely and efficiently across various terrains, distances, and weather conditions in Muscat, the release added.

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