"Want to grow the ecosystem, bring partners outside integrators"

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Leipzig/Halle Airport noted that it intends to grow beyond classical integrator operations by developing an ecosystem of new partners because the airport has huge available space for warehouses, runway and apron to the north of the airport.

"We have a huge area of 5,00,000 square meters where we will build, together with our partners, warehouses, apron area and beyond," says Götz Ahmelmann, the chief executive officer of Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding and Leipzig/Halle Airport.

He was speaking to The STAT Trade Times during transport logistic and air cargo Europe exhibitions and conferences held in Munich, Germany from May 9 to 12, 2023.

"Ideally situated at the centre of Europe, the German airport Leipzig/Halle is known as the hub for global logistics integrator DHL and handles one and a half million tonnes of cargo every year," he said.

Amazon Prime Air also established its operations in Leipzig/Halle in 2020, the first hub they introduced outside the United States.

During the transport logistic exhibitions, Leipzig/Halle Airport announced that GEORGI-Handling will expand its existing logistics space at the Cargo Area South and start using an area measuring more than 15,000 square metres. The Belgian Weerts Group is also constructing a logistics and air freight building measuring approx. 39,000 square metres in the immediate vicinity.

Ahmelmann spoke to The STAT Trade Times about these two developments and the importance of new partners at the airport.

He also spoke about the ground-breaking ceremony of the aircraft assembly line for the new 40-seat turboprop aircraft, the D328eco by Deutsche Aircraft which was just one week away then. The assembly line will be built on approximately 62,000 square meters and will have a production capacity for forty-eight D328eco aircraft per year. In addition to the production hall, a hangar will be built for aircraft delivery, along with a logistics centre and an administration building with parking spaces.

"Thus Leipzig/Halle Airport will be home to the manufacturing of aeroplanes," he said.

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