DHL strengthens disaster response, expands GoHelp programme to Europe

DHL Group is holding its first training for Disaster Response Team at Istanbul Airport on April 19-21, 2024.

DHL strengthens disaster response, expands GoHelp programme to Europe
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In response to the growing threat of climate-related crises in Europe, DHL Group has taken a proactive step by expanding its GoHelp programme to the continent. The programme will utilise DHL's logistical expertise and global network to aid disaster-affected communities. DHL has partnered with the United Nations since 2005 to volunteer its logistics proficiency and international network for global relief efforts.

DHL is conducting its first training session for the Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) in Europe at Istanbul International Airport from April 19-21. Attended by 50 employees, this training marks a pivotal step in enhancing regional disaster preparedness and response efforts.

"Europe has been facing an increasing number of climate-related crises, like the floods in Germany and Belgium in 2021. On top of this, we witnessed terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Morocco last year," noted Christoph Selig, Vice President, Sustainability Communications and Programmes at DHL Group. "Recognising this, we're extending GoHelp's reach and impact to Europe after a successful implementation over the past 15 years in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region," added Selig.

DRTs are deployed to airports that require assistance upon request from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The Get Airports Ready for Disaster programme collaborates with the United Nations Development Programme to familiarise airport personnel and local disaster management organisations with the best practices for handling incoming relief goods.

The GoHelp programme, established in collaboration with the United Nations, aims to provide logistical support in disaster-affected areas worldwide. With the introduction of GoHelp Europe, DHL now widens its coverage to all significant disaster-prone locations globally, enhancing its capacity to respond rapidly and efficiently to emergencies.

DRT undergoes a rigorous training programme covering theoretical and practical aspects. The curriculum enables participants to develop essential skills needed to optimise logistics procedures and provide timely assistance at disaster sites, without charge, within 72 hours of deployment.

For Europe, the scope of DRT operations may be expanded beyond airport deployments, as stated in DHL's recent press release. DRTs can also be utilised in various capacities to help with disaster response efforts. To support this, DHL will be hosting the Global GoHelp Conference in Istanbul from April 22-23. The conference will provide a platform for stakeholders, including representatives from the GoHelp programme, internal DHL divisional experts, esteemed partners, and United Nations counterparts, to exchange insights and explore collaborative initiatives within the humanitarian sector.

The conference's objective is to examine the achievements of the GoHelp programme, its European launch, and the 15-year milestone of Get Airports Ready for Disaster. Through its GoHelp programme and collaborative efforts with international partners, DHL Group continues to facilitate a coordinated response to humanitarian crises.

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